The critical element for the abdominal muscles?

Research has shown that there is a sequence in particular within a series of each year that offer maximum benefits to all of the affected muscles. This sequence makes every exercise more effective, than those same exercises individually.

The combination of elements to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The ideal order of a series of exercises is defined partially by a principle called “independence of muscle groups”. We will explain it in the following way:

The upper abdominals can be divided, at the same time, in Central and outer sections. From now on, we will use the term “Upper abdominals” to refer to the central section; the outer, call them by name: external oblique. First, consider only the upper abdominals and the lower abdominals. They are independent in this way.

To work the lower ABS, you should use abdominal inferiors and superiors.
To work the upper abdominals, you just use the upper abdominals.
As you can see the upper abdominals engaged in work in the 2 areas. As a result if tired the upper abdominals first, his tiredness will limit the amount of lower work.

The solution: exercise the abdominal lower first.

the abdominal muscles

In this way you can completely exhaust the lower and then work the top up to reach its limit through exercises that focus on the same. A secondary advantage of this system is that you don’t have to push the upper abdominals as strong to complete the exercises.

Once it has finished the lower abdominal exercises. The oblique, we can argue something similar about the (Crusaders) against the “Straight” abdominal exercises. Cross movements affect both the upper abdominals and obliques.

Straight movements, mainly affect the upper abdominals. If you make straight exercises first, the upper abdominals are exhausted, preventing work the obliques to the fullest. Why cross exercises precede straight exercises. We already have three rules to start riding an abdominal conditioning routine.

Order of exercises

-Transverse and breathing exercises.
-Abdominal lower.
-Lower – crossed.
-Bottom – upper.

Myths and mistakes about the abdominal muscles 

Working the abdominals eliminates the belly?

If we have a waist with fat tissue accumulation and we want a waist defined and toned, we must give tone to the abdominal muscles with specific exercises. Get a rocky and hard muscles with abdominal exercises, but we would still have something of adipose tissue.

So it is essential to eliminate that adipose tissue (FAT), this will get with a correct and well-planned, power system also we must help with exercises type cardio aerobic, much duration and low intensity, such as race, cycling, swimming, aerobics, etc.

It is necessary to perform many exercises and repetitions to work them properly.

It is true that it is a muscular group that accepts high level training and that we can work it on a daily basis, but not we must devote excessive time. What matters most is the quality that the amount, by choosing exercises that well to locate work, can achieve a congestion quickly and efficiently.

There are people doing hundreds of sit-ups and also of form continuously, this way of working is very doubtful effectiveness, since to do volume of training are introduced rebounds and impulses that involve other muscle groups unwanted, whereupon it loses effectiveness.

If use plastics or neoprene belt are used we reduce waist?

That is a true blessing. It is true that reduces the volume of waist, but not us ilusionemos, this reduction is due to a loss of water, which we will inevitably return to recover. In addition, we run the risk of dehydrating us, losing salts minerals, necessary for the good functioning of the body, we can also suffer from dizziness, contractions, cramps etc.


Global warming: Is always important warming before taking action. Resulting in a rise in body temperature, and increases blood flow to muscles, making these many more efficient and less risk of injury.

Range of motion: feel the tension in the abdominal muscles throughout the tour of your movements, both in the concentric phase, when the muscles are shortened up the eccentric, when they will alongando down.

Speed of movement: the movement speed should be constant and slow both on the concentric travel as eccentric. Avoid inertia and high speed, because you will make a much more thorough muscular work. When progress in your work you can add speed to your concentric movements and reduce it in the eccentric phase of descent, but everything always with control.

Breathing: Is very important respiration in all phases of the movement. Inspired by your nose down and exhaled up comfortably and rhythmic.

Weight control: weight control has a lot to do with the outcome of a specific job in the abdominal area, since in this zone is where is often accumulate much of excess body fat. Therefore, the care of the power supply should be part of your training program.

Correct position: always leave a space between Chin and chest. The hands must be in the ears of head and lumbar area must be well supported by the floor.

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