Oblique abdominal exercises – Best effective ab workout

Sex:Man and Woman
Type of exercise:Abdominal 🌎
Body part:Abdomen

Oblique abdominal exercises that today you learning on this article are not difficult exercises, but if they should be part of your routine maintenance and daily. With this we guarantee a correct development of oblique, and thus can wear a waist firm and beautiful.

Exercising the abdominal muscles is very important, for aesthetic reasons and because they help your column with the weight of the body and provide you with stability and balance. In short, they allow you greater mobility.

The calories you will burn with these exercises of abdominal oblique vary between 5 to 8 calories per minute. However, remember that the most important variable to have a toned and fat-free belly is the diet. You must make a low-fat diet and eat in moderation. Increase the intake of fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, and lean proteins.

Stay away from prepared foods, with a lot of salt and caloric beverages. Instead, you must drink plenty of water. Below you can see a video that illustrates these routines, in this case using a ball.

Let’s get started!

#1 Oblique abdominal exercises

Lie down on the floor and lift your legs and place them over the ball flexed.

1 Place the hip in the floor and leave immobilized.
2 Raise your arms of the soil about 30 centimeters, and let them this parallel to the floor.
3 Raises the head and the neck without jerks.

– Legs and the ball, turn to the right and left, do not move your hips..
– Repeat exercise 30 times and stop a few seconds.
– Do 4 sets of 30 repetitions.

Muscles worked:
– Waist
– Obliques

Oblique abdominal exercises

#2 Oblique abdominal exercises

Initial position:

1. Lie on the ground and supporting very well the back on the floor.
2. Fold the legs leaving the plant of the foot resting on the ground.
3. Fold the arms under the head. Or stretch them close to the body.


– Only one arm either tried to touch the heel of the foot. The other arm will remain in the same position and we loosened. And then return it to its initial position.
– Repeat this exercise 20 times.
– Make it with the opposite arm.
– Repeat 20 times.
– Toggles an arm and another.
– Repeat 20 times.

In total, you do a whole series of 20 repetitions on each side and one alternate.

Repeat 3 series

Muscles used
– The obliques.
– Hip.

Here’s a image shows:
#2 Oblique abdominal exercises

Once you’ve finished the two oblique abdominal exercises, you should do abdominal stretch. So lie down on the floor, arms back, Spears and stretches your arms while you pull on the tips of toes, hold 5 seconds and tug of war. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

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