The food, the fat and the abdominals

If you are starting in the world of the ABS, you must take into account these conditions:

– Food fats are chemically similar to the of adipose tissue, in a way that they become easily in body fat.

Any sugar after consumption causes a release of the hormone insulin, responsible for regulating the level of glucose in blood, but also accumulate any excess energy in adipose tissue.

Said another shape, anything sweet even without being a fat, the body is transformed easily in it, due to the action of insulin lipogenica.

– The fast carbs and of high glycemic index, as well as the simple sugars such as very sweet fruits such as grapes or figs, any type of candy or pastries as well as other products of soft drinks, juices, pastries, white bread, are those who must be avoided at all costs. If your regular diet so far contained this type of food in abundance, go to reducing them gradually and gradual, to avoid too sudden changes.

Obviously you must replace them by others until the diet is only configured for clean and healthy foods such as vegetables, flakes of oatmeal, rice and pasta, popes and sweetpotato, cereals, vegetables and a small amount of fruit of citrus type, which will constitute your sources of carbohydrates.

The lean meat from beef and horse, poultry such as chicken or Turkey without the skin, fish, and eggs, will represent the contribution of proteins. Ideal for you.

Drink plenty of water out of meals, because with it will activate diuresis and elimination processes. Divide the volume of food into several small meals a day, better five or six three opulent. Eat more calories in the morning and right after training and restraint in the rest. Moderate consumption of carbohydrates so that the starchy foods, such as potatoes, rice, pasta or tubers not part of the menu at noon, in the afternoon and evening employs only the fibrous and with moderation, i.e. vegetables, vegetables and salads.

With regard to the exercise. It is necessary that the intensity reaches a certain cardiac rhythm and to activate perspiration so that the body have recourse to adipocytes as fuel.


After decades of experience it is assumed that the mainstream body heavy training is the best method to gain muscle mass. Series of between six and ten repetitions is recommended for this purpose.

Although single is a muscle divided into squares separated by a central line, the alba, ranging from the pelvis to the lower part of the thorax, although it is often popularly how abdominal upper and lower. The first range from navel to chest and seconds from the navel to the pelvis. This muscular wall is activated strongly when we bring the torso to legs or vice versa.

However, can the definition late more than expected to occur, well because our diet was not good enough and the changes take longer to take effect, either because the metabolism does not react effectively enough. The reality is that waist training will only bear visible fruit if it is free of grease, otherwise you can have perfectly thick and strong abdominal muscles, but if they are covered with adipose tissue waist will be wide and soft, well in fact whole body will seem soft.

And one more fact to conclude about the fat and the abdominals:

It is absolutely essential reduce levels of fat of the body for that the waist, and the whole body, are capable of acquire that tough aspect and trimmed.

For example, the two hormones it produces the gland and are responsible for regulating the metabolic rate is T4 or T3 or thyroxine and triiodothyronine, as well both are constituted by the amino acid tyrosine and iodine mineral.

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